ProExtender System Reviews: The proven way to enlarge your penis

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Admit it guys, we all want a large penis. Even the girls will agree. It is such a confidence booster knowing that you’re well endowed down there. Some men rely only on penis enlargement device or some penis extenders. But sadly, the reality is an impressive girth and length. Others are just straddling the average line, not big but not small either.

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But what if I tell you that there’s a simple In order to correct this seemingly genetic mistake, many men undergo drastic and quite frankly penis enlargement dangerous procedures just to give them something nature did not. Because of this, the procedure may be more invasive compared to effect of some penis enlargement device.

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The solution to your size problem? Not penis extenders, man. What if this one does not include scary and costly like other penis enlargement surgeries? And this solution comes out of a box for you to use anytime. I’m talking about the ProExtender system. This nifty little contraption attaches right into your sex organ and stretches it in increments over a period of time using traction force. Penis extenders no more!

This solution to penis enlargement has been a proven way to give the penis they’ve always wanted. And unlike penis enlargement pills, there’s no risk of side effects since the ProExtender works by modifying the size and length of the penis instead of relying on drugs and other penis extenders. 

Let’s dive deeper into this amazing product and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Pro Extender Review

There is almost a comedic obsession between and the size of their genitals. We commonly hear jokes about guys with small dicks and those who are rumored to have some kind of respect or a form of respect. So what is it about a guy’s penis size that’s captivated so much for women really do not care as much about the size? This article is all about you who is thinking about getting a penis enlargement surgery, for you who uses penis extenders on a daily basis, for you who is looking for safe penis enlargement method, this comprehensive about the safest penis enlargement review is for you.

The law of averages

In a study released by King’s College, the researchers sampled a group Comprising of over 15,000 men and found out They did the erect average length of a penis is about 5.2 inches When fully.  So maybe the enormous sizes that many urban legends and rumors circulate around.

It is true that there are men a little more blessed than others in the pants department, but those are considered to be outliers than the norm. Maybe your thinking that you’ve got a small dick compared to others is all in your head.

The male fantasy

There is another compelling reason why men would be so engrossed with their dick sizes than women and it has everything to do with male fantasies and porn. Let’s face it, watching porn is always going to make us feel a little inadequate regardless of gender.

Porn plays very well into the male fantasy of bigger is always better. They cast guys who fall into the upper average of penis sizes and in doing so may have contributed to skewing the male psyche into thinking size is the only thing that matters when it comes to satisfying their partners. A study confirmed this claim by proving that the positions more than the size of the penis plays a major role in sexual satisfaction.

All about personal happiness

But much like plastic surgery, it’s really the individual person who can determine what makes them feel good about themselves. If a woman is allowed to change the shape of her nose, then a man should be allowed to change the size of his dick in order to feel good about himself.

Types of penis enlargement procedures:

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In order to give some men a better motivation and self-esteem, doctors have been offering penis enlargement procedure since they learned that human bodies can be manipulated with the right technique. Below is a list of the various male enhancement procedures.

SurgeryPenuma is the only surgery geared towards making the penis big that's been cleared for commercial application. It costs about $15,000 to undergo the procedure with an initial deposit of $1000. Penuma is not covered by any insurance and so its cost will have to be the burden of the patient.
PillsAnd then there are the drugs. The market is flooded with these, all claiming to be the final solution to your size problem. In reality, these have very little scientific proof. Products can be in any form, either pills or lotions. All these are made up of vitamins and minerals, sometimes herbs and hormones that all claim to affect penis girth.
Vacuum pumpThe idea behind this one relies on the idea that the penis is made up of spongy connective tissues that fill with blood during an erection. A vacuum pump ideally sucks up blood into the organ to volumes more than the penis is accustomed to in hopes of making it look. This is a procedure used for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction. However, the appearance of a larger penis is only temporary.
ExerciseThen there are exercises such as jelqing that's used to massage a penis into a larger size. A hand-over-hand motion is used to push blood from the base of the penis towards the head. This is a safer alternative to all other methods but it lacks scientific evidence. It may even lead to disfigurement or scarring.
StretchingIn order to enlarge a penis, it is attached to an extender or stretcher. Otherwise known as a penile traction device, they apply gentle tension to the penis, stretching it. Amongst all the procedures listed, this is the safest method with proven chances of success.

What is the ProExtender System?

The ProExtender System, or simply ProExtender is the number one solution to any man suffering from a case of small dick syndrome. This is an amazing contraption that’s safe to use and has been proven to be effective at giving a penis additional length. And unlike penis surgery or taking pills, the ProExtender has no risk of adverse effects.

The device attaches into the penis. Once fixed and in place, the penis is slowly and carefully stretched for a period of time. This stretching method has been a proven solution at lengthening a penis‘ size much more than surgery or any medications. The ProExtender System claims that the product can:

ProExtender Results:

  1. Makes your penis bigger
  2. Gives you more stamina in bed
  3. Brings about better orgasms
  4. Gives harder erections
  5. Increases your libido

Besides the main contraption itself, the ProExtender System also comes with a DVD to help guide you in using the product properly and safely.

ProExtender Benefits

After deciding that you’ve had enough of all the penis jokes thrown your way and you’ve ordered the ProExtender System online, you open the box to see an assortment of content.

ProExtender Content:

  • ProExtender unit with adjustable bars
  • A silicone noose
  • Padding
  • A set of add-on bars, long and short
  • DVD instruction manual
  • Printed instruction manual

All materials used for the ProExtender are all lightweight and made to be durable. The manufacturer used a combination of stainless metals and plastic. Tractions bars on the ProExtender System are fully adjustable and able to fit a wide range of penile girth.


Let’s start this ProExtender review with the most obvious component, the extender. It’s made up of different components for maximum results. It comes with bars that are screwed in place with the extender attached to it. Traction force is created through the spring-loaded bars attached at the extender’s base.

Before attaching it to the penis, it’s important to put the padding around the organ first. The extender is then placed on the penis with the noose tight and behind the glans, or the tip.

In a number of ProExtender reviews, people have remarked on the surprising comfort level of the contraption. It is recommended that the ProExtender be used for 1 hour every day during the first week. On the second week, it should be used for two hours daily. During the whole process, people have reported that there’s no irritation or any discomfort whatsoever. Plus, the ProExtender results from ProExtender reviews have been notable!

How to use the ProExtender System?

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The next thing we should talk about are the ProExtender results and how it should be properly used. Once you get the package, you need not worry about not knowing how to use it because it comes with two instruction manuals, a digital one in the form of a DVD and a printed copy. But if want to know how to use the ProExtender System before buying it, continue reading.

1. The first step in using the ProExtender is making sure there are no missing components. And before using it, it’s important that everything, including your penis, is clean. Using the ProExtender might not be invasive but it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

2. The next step is to fasten the basal ring to the penis‘ base. Make sure it is securely fastened and that there’s no discomfort felt if you apply a little pressure on it.

3. Make sure that the metal bars on each side are running parallel from each other.

4. Rest the glans or head of the penis on the curved tip of the ProExtender.

5. Then insert the ends of the silicone tube into each hole of the plastic support to create a sort of loop just below the head of the penis.

6. Tighten the loop on the penis to prevent it from slipping off when traction is applied. Don’t tighten it so much that it restricts blood flow.

7. To make sure it is securely fastened, press the bends of the contraption.

8. To start applying traction and stretch the penis, turn the two small screws near the base of the ProExtender.

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ProExtender results

In a number of ProExtender reviews where the users used the device for a number of months and years, have all claimed that their penis size grew more than one inch. Not only that, using the ProExtender System for an extended time also increased the girth of their penis. Below are some of the reported benefits that people gained from using the ProExtender System.

  • An overall increase in penis length
  • An increase in penis girth
  • An improved erection
  • A permanent increase in penis size
  • No pain or any discomfort from using the product
  • Noninvasive and safe to use
  • Able to reshape misshapen penis
  • Enhanced satisfaction during intercourse


Among all the procedures geared towards enhancing a man’s penis, the ProExtender System is the safest option. It doesn’t require an incision to be made thus avoiding any risk of infection.

It is not a drug one can take so no risk of side effects or drug interactions either. What people can expect is a little soreness they feel on their penis during the first couple of days using the ProExtender but that eventually goes away.

ProExtender Price

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The ProExtender is considered to be a premium product so many would see the price point of this product as its main drawback. The manufacturers make up for the product’s price by making it durable. It uses strong plastic material and rigid metal fittings all securely joined together that there’s no risk of it ever coming apart.

If you want to see more ProExtender results, the ProExtender System can also be purchased in combination with a bottle of VigRX Plus and Semenax pills for an additional $29.95. These are dietary supplements made from natural ingredients that are known to increase libido, give you harder and bigger erections, and enhance your orgasms.

Breakdown of ProExtender Prices:

  • $299.95 – Original ProExtender
  • $399.95 – Deluxe ProExtender
  • $329.95 – Original ProExtender System
  • $429.95 – Deluxe ProExtender System

I personally think that if you really want to give yourself the penis you’ve always wanted, the ProExtender is a good investment. For the best ProExtender results, always make sure to purchase the authentic product from the  official website.

Deluxe vs original ProExtender System

So what’s the difference between the original and deluxe version of the ProExtender System? Well, the deluxe used far more durable materials than the original. Although both work great, the deluxe is deemed as long-lasting than the original.

The deluxe also comes with other supplements such as VigRX Plus and Semenax pills for better results. A few of the ProExtender reviews who went with this option have reported that they were able to achieve the results they wanted in a shorter time plus all the other benefits that the supplements provide like better orgasms and increased libido.

So if you want to get your money’s worth, I would suggest splurging a little and just getting the Deluxe ProExtender System. It’s guaranteed to last you for years and years to come. They are a lot more durable than the original. They come with other supplements to help you achieve a better result.

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Final thoughts

I think it’s important to stress that having a large penis does not define a man. It’s his actions that dictate his masculinity. And bigger doesn’t always mean better. In fact, being able to last long in bed and do different positions are what make for great sexual intercourse.

But it can’t be denied that there is an allure to having a big penis. Other men give you a little more respect. You are viewed in high regard among males and females. And you’re not constantly the butt of all penis jokes. If having a large penis is what’s going to make you feel better about yourself then I say go for it, as long as you’re not hurting others or yourself.

If you do push through it, I would highly suggest the ProExtender system. It is probably the safest option for enlarging your penis. It does not require any surgery, you do not need to take any pills or medication, and it does not hurt as much as vacuum pumps. With the ProExtender results, you get the best of both worlds, a larger penis to brag about without the discomfort or pain that most penile enlargement procedures have.

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